What Executive Protection Can Learn From Healthcare security About Resilience? | Martin Green

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    What’s health care security got to teach executive protection?  

    It’s no surprise to anyone that in this last year, the health sector has faced its biggest and most unique challenges in its history. Despite such huge obstacles, they’ve come away with measurable successes that they can impart to the wider security community, especially when it comes to access control and securing a location. 

    This week, we talk to Martin Green, CSO of Bay Crest Healthcare in Canada to discuss the challenges of the last 14 months in healthcare security and how EPs can adopt the lessons learned into our own methodologies to create a safer working environment for our clients. 

    Topics we discuss in this week’s show include:


    • Air travel changed after 9/11. And in the same way, healthcare has now irrevocably altered after COVID. But what will the new norm look like?
    • How typically, in security, we don’t get the things we need until after we’ve needed them. How the pandemic has changed that perception to the benefit of security.
    • What the health sector learned from physical security when it comes to securing large sites with limited resources and infrastructure.
    • And anyone who might have an interest in moving into the field of healthcare security, tune in to hear Martin’s single best piece of advice.

    We might be different branches of the same tree but when it comes to the wider security community there some similarities which are just inescapable.

    “Security is the department of everything. If people don’t know who to call, they call me!”

    We hear you, Martin!


    More about Martin Green Martin Green is a Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator, (CHPA) by the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) and served as the Association’s President in 2017. As a health care security management professional with decades of diverse leadership experience within the field of asset protection, he has been working in security management within the healthcare sector since 1985. Throughout his career in healthcare security, he has provided security design input to major redevelopment projects and designed and implemented security programs at major medical facilities within the province of Ontario.

    Martin Green

    International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS)

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