The Tactical Medic – Where Do They Fit into the Close Protection Team | Kris Zerkowitz

Is there a middle ground between embedding a Paramedic on the team and upskilling team members with basic lifesaving skills? Should everyone have tactical medicine in their back pocket or is this something so specialized that you don’t want to distract from other team members main roles?

In this episode we’re going to explore the role of the embedded tactical medic and where they fit into the overall care provision picture.

Today, we are joined by Kris Zerkowitz, Director and trainer at Amarante Academie and big proponent of the tactical medic.

With Kris’ knowledge and insights on the subject we’re going to be asking:

  • Why do we need tactical medics, why not just directly embed a highly trained paramedic on the team? 
  • Should all team members have tactical medical skills? Or would this dilute their primary purpose and CP roles?
  • How important is physical fitness in distinguishing tactical medics from paramedics?
  • What does the right skill set look like and where can you attain it? 

Tune in to this week’s episode for more insights on the subject of the purpose of tactical medicine. As Kris puts it…

“We need to keep the paramedic or doctor as far from the action as possible but keep the patients alive long enough for them to get them there.”

More about Kris:

Kris specialises in Diplomatic Security and the survivability of close protection teams and clients in hostile environments. Providing training and consulting worldwide to all those travelling to- and working in hostile environments. Kris delivers skill and knowledge based training to Auriex and their clients and staff.


Amarante Academie

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