The Role of EP in the Private Family Office | Olivia Cooper

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    Family Offices are sometimes seen by EP as ‘Unicorns’ because of their inaccessibility. There has also been an assumption in some quarters that they do not pay enough attention to the type of Executive Security they procure. Today we are pleased to welcome Olivia Cooper, Head of Private Wealth and Family Office at Axiom DWFM to set the record straight and ask:

    • How can Executive Protection better approach Family Offices when looking to provide services?
    • Where can EP add more value and become a trusted security advisor?
    • What is keeping UHNWs up at night especially in the coming months?
    • How commonplace is the convergence between Wealth Management and Risk Management within a Family Office?
    • What would make a trusted advisor stand out and will a firm professional assessment be more respected than becoming the ‘department of yes’?
    • How is succession planning related to Executive Risk Management?

    About Olivia:

    Olivia is Head of Private Wealth and Family Office at Axiom DWFM, having worked with families and family offices globally for over 20 years. She advises on the most suitable location, structuring requirements, and the creation of family offices both traditional and virtual. Olivia manages all of the families’ requirements; including their succession plans and their lifetime choices, along with providing future proofing for a family’s wealth for successive generations.

    She has spoken at numerous conferences on various topics crucial to the ongoing health and wealth of the family office environment, ranging from security, educating the next generation to capital placement. Olivia’s commercial acumen and geopolitical knowledge is invaluable to her clients who recognise her ability to provide a holistic approach that includes a global outlook for their family office and private wealth structuring.


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