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    There are many moving parts propping up the lifestyle of a Private family, included in this are PAs, butlers, drivers, nannies, and chefs. At any given time, there is no shortage of people surrounding the Principal. But how important are they to the protection team?

    The truth of the matter is that these lower profile people are often the most important personalities in the Principal’s inner circle. And importantly, they can greatly assist you in your job! Not only that, but your success as a protector will, in part, be determined by the relationships you can foster with the Principal’s household staff. By nurturing these relationships, you’re going to be privy to so much more information and it’s going to come to you in a more timely and useful manner. 

    Today, we are talking to Simeon Rosset, founder of the Rosset Butler school about that dynamic that exists between executive protection and the house team, including the pivotal role that butlers serve. We’ll be discussing:

    • Who the butler is, where they fit into the hierarchy, and what their exact role and remit is?
    • How to take advantage of a challenging work schedule and use it as an opportunity to build a mutually beneficial relationship. 
    • How to forge mutual respect and effective communication between all the different links in the chain.
    • And if you still think the butler is just the guy who pours the drinks, then this episode has tons more eye-opening information that you most definitely need to hear.

    As our guest, Simeon Rosset, puts it “Apart you’re good. But together, you can just do so much more!”

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    More about Simeon Rosset

    Simeon’s career begun more than 20 years ago at Leeds Castle where he worked as Head Butler. Since then, he has gone on to work as an exclusive international Butler working in castles, shooting estates, super yachts and palaces across Europe, while serving “A” list celebrities, royalty, Dukes and Duchesses, and oil company tycoons and bankers. Simeon is now the owner and Head Butler at Rosset Bespoke Butlers and Rosset Bespoke Butler School.

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