[Short Circuit] Trusting the Process | Michael Brown

A lot of people want to present the perfect image of themselves but what about the scars and bruises? Today’s guest embodies trust in ‘the process’ and is an advocate for taking control of your EP career and priorities.

On this episode we are joined by Michael Brown who has worked for some of the highest profile names around whilst advocating for mentorship, educating yourself by working multiple roles in the team and leading by example.

Join us as we talk to Michael to discuss:

  • How can you develop the mindset of ‘trusting the process’ and not skipping steps?
  • What can protectors learn about prioritization from the quote “stop saying you don’t have time for something, just say you don’t care”?
  • Can protectors keep and develop their relationship with a single client over decades without developing themselves as well?
  • How do you convert a verbal body blow to become positive energy?
  • How can you leverage others’ mistakes through mentorship?

“I cannot lead employees if I don’t understand when they come to me with problems…if I haven’t been in their shoes”

About Michael:

Michael Brown is an executive protection specialist; subject-matter expert on close-in/personnel protection with numerous years of experience in protective services. Mr. Brown niche is providing customize security solutions for high-profile public figures, dignitaries, and high-net worth individuals/families that deter, minimize, and decisively respond to identified threats and vulnerabilities. His specialties include protective advance & logistics management, close-in protection, travel security, and surveillance detection/threat recognition.


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