[Short Circuit] Predator Vs Prey Mindset | JT Brown

He’s a close protection professional who specializes in working with public figures and operating in challenging and non-permissive environments. On today’s show, Elijah Shaw sits down with JT Brown to talk about mindset and training. What type of mentality is required to work with a client that is operating in unstable and insecure environments? What is the industry perception versus the actual reality?

Tune into this week’s show to get JT’s opinion on those questions, and we also discuss…

  • How to be strategic ahead of being reactive?
  • As a protector, how do you get to the top of the ‘food chain?’
  • What are the ‘laws of the jungle’ that allow us to perform in any environment?
  • What are some best practices for ‘staying off the menu’ and not becoming prey?

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