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    “It’s going to be more stressful. The expectations are going to be higher and everything you do is going to be scrutinized.”

    Today we’re talking about the different challenges and dynamics that you’ll face when protecting VVIP’s.

    Do you have the right skill set to protect a VVIP? do you even know what a VVIP is and what makes their profile different to other client types?

    In this episode, our guest is Simon Morgan, former royalty protection and founder of Trojan consultancy. Simon has established himself as the go-to authority on all issues concerning royalty protection and has made regular TV appearances to provide his perspective to various news channels on the topic.

    In this insightful interview we discuss:

    High profile security fails – Working with VVIP’s means you’re always in the public eye, you’re constantly scrutinized and you’ll be critiqued by your peers.

    The Royal Household – Who are the main stakeholders and where should you focus your relationship-building efforts?

    Empathy – Why it can be a double-edged sword for a protector and how to guard against red carpet fever.

    Avoiding catastrophe syndrome – the attributes that are required to succeed when protecting clients of wealth, visibility & status.

    More about Simon:

    Simon is the Founder of Trojan Consultancy. Having served as a Metropolitan Police Officer for nearly 20 years, serving in SO14(2) Royalty Personal Protection, SO19 Force Firearms Command and The Territorial Support Group. His experience and knowledge gained in the Police Service is now being used in the private sector, to support Clients. Since 2013, he has been involved in the many different facets of the private security industry from Consultancy, to training, all the way through to delivery and policymaking.

    He is a member of The Association of Security Consultants, The Security Institute, ASIS International and The Institute of Directors. He is fully licensed and insured to undertake strategic, operational and training roles.

    Simon Morgan

    Trojan Consultancy

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