Protected Mobility – What Does it Take to be a Professional Security Driver? | Neil Davies OBE

Being a modern professional security driver in the world of executive protection takes a lot more than just knowing how to get your client from point A to B. On today’s podcast we’re going to take a deep dive into this often under-appreciated role to find out what it means to be classified as a legitimate security driver.

If you’re a protector, you know the sense of relief you feel when you turn up to an assignment and realise, you’re working alongside a skilled and professional security driver. But what does it take to get to that standard? 

On today’s show, our guest is Neil Davis OBE, Co-Founder of Secure Ground Transportation, and a long-time veteran of the industry. We’re going to discuss the role of the security driver on EP operations and we’ll also cover…

  • How has protected Mobility evolved, coming out of the pandemic, and what changes have you seen in client vehicle selection?
  • Where will the next generation of security drivers be sourced from and what makes a quality driver as part of an executive protection team?
  • What are the limitations of self-driving vehicles and do they have a place in executive protection?
  • With all the advancements in tech, what is being done to address the threat of espionage and safeguard privacy for principals when on the move?

Neil’s passion for this subject is evident, and as he reminds us: 

“The term security driver and security driving. They’re not marketing buzzwords. That is a statement of training.”

More about Neil:

Neil has been a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists for over 20 years and holds a 1st which is the highest driving qualification they award. He also holds an iQ (Industry Qualification) Level 4 in Security Driving, Vehicle Management.  This is the highest civilian security driving qualification in the United Kingdom. The course was designed and is run by a former Metropolitan Police Special Escort Group training Sergeant.  Neil is First Aid trained and as one would expect carries a full First Aid Kit and AED in his vehicle at all times. 

Neil has a passion for helping others and giving back to the community.  He recently completed a charity bike ride from Cardiff to Swansea raising money for a cancer hospital in Cardiff. He was a school governor which is a voluntary position and ended up as the National Chairman.  He was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for his services to Education. 


Secure Ground Transportation

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