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    Protectors unite! This week, we’re bringing you something different, something special… the podcast of podcasts!

    The Circuit Magazine has teamed up with the guy’s over at Conversations in Close Protection, Chuck Randolph and Chris Story and also, Spencer Coursen from Coursen’s Corner podcast to put together an executive protection supercast.

    In this special extended episode, we each individually share what drives us and where we get our passion from. And collectively, we talk about the audience we serve, what we’re trying to achieve and how the industry can benefit more from collaboration. 

    Join us for this powerful conversation as we chat about:

    • Business and brand building within the industry. You’re going to have to move out of your comfort zone and embrace social media and self-promotion but how do you navigate this potential career minefield?
    • How you can climb the ladder, achieve your aims and get success without it having to come at the expense of others.
    • People all over the world are doing great things in this industry but there is little history and few accurate accounts. How can podcasts capture these legacy stories and share their fantastic work with a wider audience?
    • And, we’ll be sharing the non-industry related podcasts that we listen to, with some surprising recommendations!

    Tune in as these industry avengers share their knowledge, wisdom and uniquely gathered perspectives to help represent the industry and show…

    “It’s not all guns and gear or beards, biceps and ball caps.”

    As always, drop us a comment or leave us a review to let us know your thoughts.

    More about Conversations in Close Protection

    Conversations In Close Protection is a podcast about the Executive/Close Protection industry. Hosted by Chuck Randolph and Chris Story.


    Chuck Randolph

    Chris Story

    More about Coursen’s Corner

    A protective strategy podcast to help you succeed in staying safe – brought to you by Spencer Coursen


    Spencer Coursen

    More about the Circuit 

    The Circuit team is:

    • Jon Moss
    • Shaun West
    • Elijah Shaw
    • Phelim Rowe

    Connect with Us: 

    Circuit Magazine

    BBA Connect

    British Bodyguard Association

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