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    What is Open-Source Intelligence and how does it apply to modern-day Executive Protection? Is this something that everyone should know something about or is it only for a few select specialists? 

    Today we’re talking with Pete Jenkins of ISS training, one of the leading training providers on the subject. We’re going to be looking at the applicability of OSINT in everyday EP operations, its use as an investigative tool and how we can use that knowledge to protect ourselves and our clients from unseen threats.

    This is a huge area and we’ll be covering a lot in this episode, including:

    • What sort of background, prerequisites, or prior learning do candidates need before they embark on an OSINT course?
    • Why does today’s EP professional need this skillset? Does everyone need it, or should it be assigned to a designated, skilled expert?
    • How can EP operators use OSINT fundamentals to mask the movements of their principal?
    • If you’re looking to remain under the radar, what can people do to stop others from finding them? 

    More about Pete:

    Peter is a former Royal Marine Commando and Director of security consultancy ‘ISS Training Ltd’. Peter is proud to have taught surveillance & intelligence related subjects in over 18 countries worldwide to various enforcement agencies, specialist military & intelligence units and close protection teams.

    He was instrumental and at the forefront in the design of the current RQF Qualifications in Surveillance Operations. He is the author of specialist training books; ‘Surveillance Theory’, ‘Surveillance Tradecraft’ & ‘Covert Imagery’.

    He continues to carry out live operational surveillance work and works semi-professionally as a commercial photographer and NUJ photo-journalist.


    ISS Training Ltd

    OSINT Resources Mentioned on the show:

    Tweet map

    Snap map



    Google earth

    OSINT Techniques – Michael Bazzell

    OSINT curious project

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