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Unpredictable Travel Risk Management – Live at CPTF 2023 | Moderated by Chris Story

If travel risk is unpredictable why bother attempting to predict it? Unless certain risk mitigation strategies can indeed help… We are delighted to bring you …

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Success in EP as a Grey Professional | Jared van Driessche

Do you have a real challenge being a ‘Grey Professional’ or actually becoming a ‘Social Chameleon’? We are delighted to welcome Jared van Driessche, Director …

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Successful EP Operations and Partnerships in Mexico | Hector Robles

Is less more when operating securely in Mexico? Or at least less visibility? How can you manage expectations of international clients who have preconceived ideas …

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Including a Medical Doctor on your EP Team | Dr George DeBusk M.D.

Telemedicine has come a long way but does your next EP operation need a Medical Doctor (MD / GP) on the team? Is your principle …

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Creating the Unified Protector | Bruce McIndoe

Should we remove the term ‘Security’ from our organizational language? Does it mean too many different things to different people? We are delighted to welcome …

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Firearms in EP – An International Perspective | Orlando “Andy” Wilson

If we should train as we fight, where does firearms proficiency sit for protectors both in and outside jurisdictions where carrying one is even a …

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