Career Development – How to Make Your Limited Training Budget Go Further | Sean Colsey

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    Security-related training is big business. The last decade has seen unparalleled growth in the training sector but is all this competition good for standards? And for the operator, how do you make sense of all the available options?

    This week we’re joined by Sean Colsey, Operations Director with Minerva Elite who’s going to help us answer some of the big questions – why do we train and what are we hoping to get out of it? As an EP professional, you have a limited budget and you’ve got to make smart decisions. But how can we assess a good trainer from a bad trainer, a relevant course from an irrelevant one?

    We’re really digging into this topic and we’ll be asking…

    • What should feature on your CV/resume and how to tailor and market it?
    • We need to look to the future when planning our training, so, what will the protector of tomorrow need to know?
    • What’s coming down the pipeline, what are the current training trends and what are employers looking for?
    • And, what if your billionaire principal decides to go to space, how are you preparing for that?

    Tune in to this in-depth episode as we look under the hood and see how the trainer looks at training.

    More about Sean:

    A recognised leading security consultant and author, Sean is also the Company Operations Director at Minerva Elite Performance

    Prior to joining the Minerva, Sean had a distinguished military career before transitioning to the civilian security sector with over 25 years of experience in corporate security and running his own business for over 20 years.

    Sean’s project management and security skills have been recognised through Cardiff Metropolitan University where he gained an MSc in Event Project Management in 2016. He continued his academic qualifications in 2021 by achieving a distinction in his MBA in Strategic Management and Leadership

    Sean also holds a Security and Risk Management Consultants qualification.

    Sean Colsey

    Minerva Elite Performance

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